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New Life & Co. (Pvt) Ltd

New Life & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. Renews Human Health Pioneer of Pharmaceutical & Health Practice in Bangladesh. New Life established in 1950 as the first Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals & Health center in Bangladesh. To serve the ailing people and to supply International Standard & Quality Homoeopathic Medicine, eminent Doctor Mr. S. Motaher Ali founded this Institute. At present, NewLife manufactures Homoeopathic Medicines (BIo-Chemic, Trituration, Dilution, Back Potency, MOther Tincture, Globules), Unani Medicine (Capsule, Tablet, Ointment, Syrup, Semi-Solid). These products manufactures under the license by Directorate of Drug Administration, Govt. of Bangladesh. NewLife maintains medicine manufacturing plant with a team of qualified technical staff (Homoeopathy expert, Unani expert, Chemist, Botanist, Pharmacist). All steps of manufacturing process done by modern scientific equipment & followed by Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) of WHO. NewLife produces quality Consumer products & Ayurvedic medicine project is going to be start.

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